Tales of Everwood – Introduction

It was a calm night in Everwood Town; the isolated town surrounded by trees and ignorance. Every light in every house was off, and every person in every house was tucked into bed. The people of Everwood knew that the night was for sleeping and they did not question that. Well, every light and every person except for one pair: a bedside lamp in an attic poorly refitted as a bedroom and the person to whom the lamp belonged to, Axel Heronicus. Axel did not agree that the night was just for sleeping. He did not agree with a lot of things the townsfolk had decided upon, in fact. The townsfolk thought curiosity was foolish. Axel disagreed. The townsfolk thought the forest was inhabited by a monster. Axel disagreed. The townsfolk thought it wasn’t worth knowing what was beyond the forest. Axel disagreed. And so, in his non-conformist way, Axel decided against sleeping that night. In fact, as he checked the time on his alarm clock, he decided it was late enough to set his plan in motion: to begin his expedition deep into Everwood Forest.

“Everwood is one of those things, one of those places that seem normal, but get more and more screwed up the more you take a closer look…”

This is a narrative concerning Axel Heronicus and his isolated home of Everwood Town. The narrative will be in short story format and in turn, each story will be uploaded in parts. This is a fictional world I would like to continue writing about beyond this blog.


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