Exercises in Narrativity – Introduction

The boy asked Tangent what he was writing, which he recognized as a mistake as soon as Tangent turned around with a big grin.

“It’s personal, private, and a little bit secret,” Tangent said, wagging his finger.

“Oh. Well, I’ll respect your privacy, then.”

Tangent paused, then nearly threw himself onto the boy. “No, I’m kidding, I want to tell you about it!” he pleaded.

“I figured as much,” the boy smiled. It didn’t register at the time, but he could see all the signs now; Tangent was desperate to invite the boy’s curiosity. He had positioned himself so he was facing away from him, but at an angle so he could still catch a glimpse of his notebook in his lap, and he had over-exaggeratedly hunched over his notebook, dying to be noticed.

“Well, I don’t have anything important to do for the next hour,” the boy rolled his eyes, “what’s on your mind?”

“What’s on my mind?” Tangent echoed emphatically, “the whole world’s on my mind!”

Scratch that, the boy thought, make it two hours.

“So many thoughts race through my head, but this,” Tangent held up his notebook, “this is all I can make of them.”

This is a series of miscellaneous stories concerning Tangent and other characters which are usually left nameless. However, roles often change; think of how in old cartoons, recurring characters were used in multiple shorts, but character roles, settings, etc. differed between shorts. Updates will usually consist of multiple disconnected narrations.


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