A Stitch in Time (poem)

Dream with me now        a world where time is flayed

Where short term        still sustained        is framed by night and day

But long term                Long gone

Deadlines approach but do not arrive                Goals are never reached


Where the student endlessly attends school

Never thinks of graduation        only stresses over a project perpetually due



Where the relationship is forever fractured

Never quite crumbles        though the girl decides to break the news

Next week


I understood impermanence but never thought it would affect me.

My friend told me he would be leaving the country last month,

Now he is gone.

“I’m leaving soon,” he said —

So subjective! With language like that, I never properly believed he would.


But in this dreamscape        he hasn’t yet

Though he’s close to leaving        always close

Next month in fact

Forever next month


Throw away your convictions                No one will ever leave you here


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