Reflection (short story)

Lyle looked at his reflection’s eyes one last time. He felt that the only time it cooperated with him was when he covered his bedroom mirror in tape. He fancied that on the ‘inside’ of the mirror, his reflection stood there with its own roll of tape, covering up the mirror from its side. He imagined that his reflection wanted the mirror covered as much as he did.


Later, Lyle was sitting in a swivel chair in Sylvie’s bedroom. She stood in front of him, holding an electric razor. On a nearby desk was a comb, a spray bottle, a hair dryer and a jar of hair gel. There was no mirror in the room.

“This would be less time consuming if you hadn’t started growing facial hair,” Sylvie said, grimacing. “It’s so patchy. It’s best I shave it for you until you can properly grow it out.”

“I’ll take your word for it,” Lyle sighed. He trusted Sylvie’s judgement, but at the same time he liked scratching the tiny hairs budding from his chin.

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Welcome to my holiday project

Hello! Today I’m launching my blog, Tangent’s Holiday Project. I completed my secondary education during November, and since then I’ve been trying to figure out how to make good use of my holidays. This blog is my solution. This blog is my holiday project.

My decision to make this stems from my semi-New Year’s resolution (I actually decided on it a bit before New Year’s) to write more in 2014. So, this will be a place for me to post my narrative fiction and possibly other things.  That’s right, screw all you noncommittal bastards who won’t follow up on your resolutions, I’m making mine a reality.

I have some “segments” planned for this blog, although they will simply be announced as they show up. An introduction to my first segment, a narrative titled Tales of Everwood, will be posted soon. Stay tuned!