Exercises in Narrativity – Volume 1

Five in the morning. Always five in the morning.

It started during the first half of winter. Then, I could get to sleep well enough without too many layers of sheets, blankets or whatever for warmth, but by the very early morning it was freezing as all hell. The temperature always dropped significantly while I slept, and the sheer cold started forcing me to wake up every night at 5 AM, at which point I threw on as many layers of sheets, blankets or whatever as possible and went back to sleep. But by the time the nights started warming up again, waking up at that time had become part of my sleep schedule. Even when I stayed up for hours and resolved to sleep in until 12 PM or later to make up for lost sleep, I still woke up at 5 AM. Perhaps it was more psychological at that point; was I only waking up at that time because my body expected to be forced to?

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Exercises in Narrativity – Introduction

The boy asked Tangent what he was writing, which he recognized as a mistake as soon as Tangent turned around with a big grin.

“It’s personal, private, and a little bit secret,” Tangent said, wagging his finger.

“Oh. Well, I’ll respect your privacy, then.”

Tangent paused, then nearly threw himself onto the boy. “No, I’m kidding, I want to tell you about it!” he pleaded.

“I figured as much,” the boy smiled. It didn’t register at the time, but he could see all the signs now; Tangent was desperate to invite the boy’s curiosity. He had positioned himself so he was facing away from him, but at an angle so he could still catch a glimpse of his notebook in his lap, and he had over-exaggeratedly hunched over his notebook, dying to be noticed.

“Well, I don’t have anything important to do for the next hour,” the boy rolled his eyes, “what’s on your mind?”

“What’s on my mind?” Tangent echoed emphatically, “the whole world’s on my mind!”

Scratch that, the boy thought, make it two hours.

“So many thoughts race through my head, but this,” Tangent held up his notebook, “this is all I can make of them.”

This is a series of miscellaneous stories concerning Tangent and other characters which are usually left nameless. However, roles often change; think of how in old cartoons, recurring characters were used in multiple shorts, but character roles, settings, etc. differed between shorts. Updates will usually consist of multiple disconnected narrations.

ToE – The Store and the Trip Back – Part 3 (final)

Everwood Town was named after the phenomena the trees encircling the town demonstrated. That is, they never changed their appearance. The trees were the same size and shape at Axel’s birth as they are presently. Legend has it that one of the founders of the town said: “These trees do not appear to age, nor grow. They are not affected by the seasons. They do not know of Time’s embrace, for Time has not known theirs. These trees are everlasting. It is my wish that this town — Everwood Town — will go on to live in prosperity, like these trees, forever.”

“…Hey. Heeeeyy!”

“Huh, what?” Axel sputtered. He tried to remember what he was doing when his friend, Evan, made it clear.

“Did you just completely zone out?” he gawked. “We’re in the middle of eating lunch!”

Axel glanced around. The two were sitting on a picnic bench with their respective lunches. “Hm, so we are.”

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ToE – The Store and the Trip Back – Part 2

“Axel! Wait up!”

Axel stopped, turned around and saw Jess, one of the other two teenagers in Everwood, walking towards him at a fast pace and with a bounce in her step. A look of disdain shot across his face, if only for a second. Was it of surprise or disappointment? Who knows.

Jess was of average height, but around Axel she appeared very short (he was probably almost a head taller than her). Her dark, naturally straight hair went down to about her shoulders and was often unkempt. She did try to keep her hair tidy using a headband, but her efforts was never entirely successful. She didn’t have to try very hard to look more stylish than Axel anyway.

Axel didn’t value his friendship with Jess as much as he did his friendship with Evan, the second of the other two teenagers in Everwood. However, he thought: I can’t push her away, because there’s literally no one I could befriend in my age bracket as a substitute. She’s not really that bad, anyway.

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ToE – The Store and the Trip Back – Part 1

6 days before the expedition into Everwood Forest, morning

Axel had the strangest feeling that he was being watched. He span around to check, but saw no one behind him. Must have been his imagination. However, it was enough to send him out of his daze.

Axel often drifted off into the confines of his mind if not tugged at every so often; while gravity prevented him from literally floating away, there was little to prevent him from doing so figuratively. Gravity’s effect on the plastic bags he held still remained however; its light pull reminded him of what he was doing. The bags were filled with food products and the like, so he figured he was in the midst of returning home from his routine morning grocery shopping. A quick observation of his surroundings confirmed this; he was walking along the usual path he took home. As he looked at the trees looming over him, he was reminded of the dream he had the previous night.

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Tales of Everwood – Introduction

It was a calm night in Everwood Town; the isolated town surrounded by trees and ignorance. Every light in every house was off, and every person in every house was tucked into bed. The people of Everwood knew that the night was for sleeping and they did not question that. Well, every light and every person except for one pair: a bedside lamp in an attic poorly refitted as a bedroom and the person to whom the lamp belonged to, Axel Heronicus. Axel did not agree that the night was just for sleeping. He did not agree with a lot of things the townsfolk had decided upon, in fact. The townsfolk thought curiosity was foolish. Axel disagreed. The townsfolk thought the forest was inhabited by a monster. Axel disagreed. The townsfolk thought it wasn’t worth knowing what was beyond the forest. Axel disagreed. And so, in his non-conformist way, Axel decided against sleeping that night. In fact, as he checked the time on his alarm clock, he decided it was late enough to set his plan in motion: to begin his expedition deep into Everwood Forest.

“Everwood is one of those things, one of those places that seem normal, but get more and more screwed up the more you take a closer look…”

This is a narrative concerning Axel Heronicus and his isolated home of Everwood Town. The narrative will be in short story format and in turn, each story will be uploaded in parts. This is a fictional world I would like to continue writing about beyond this blog.

Welcome to my holiday project

Hello! Today I’m launching my blog, Tangent’s Holiday Project. I completed my secondary education during November, and since then I’ve been trying to figure out how to make good use of my holidays. This blog is my solution. This blog is my holiday project.

My decision to make this stems from my semi-New Year’s resolution (I actually decided on it a bit before New Year’s) to write more in 2014. So, this will be a place for me to post my narrative fiction and possibly other things.  That’s right, screw all you noncommittal bastards who won’t follow up on your resolutions, I’m making mine a reality.

I have some “segments” planned for this blog, although they will simply be announced as they show up. An introduction to my first segment, a narrative titled Tales of Everwood, will be posted soon. Stay tuned!